Cashel Yoga - Mind...Body...Breath

Cashel Yoga offers regular weekly classes,individual and group sessions,work-shops and retreats 

Yoga is a science and simply means union. It is a combination of breath control, body postures, and simple meditation. 

Ruth promotes a non competitive practice to be enjoyed on an individual basis. 

Yoga enhances health,well being,sport activities. It calms and relaxes the mind, heightening self awareness.

Regular practice helps:  
Tone, detoxify, energise. 
Strengthen mind and body. Awakens flexibility.
Increase focus and concentration. 
Improve sleep patterns and relaxation techniques. 

A little bit about Ruth

Being a yoga practitioner since 1996, I know yoga tones, strengthens the body and improves flexibility. It encourages a more positive attitude, and reconnects with the inner self. Yoga is a powerful tool to take ownership of and manage the challenges of everyday life. Come, try yourself!

Ruth Barry - Member of and insured with Yoga Alliance UK