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Cashel Yoga Gift Vouchers
The Powerful Connection Between Your Brain and Your Gut
Cashel Yoga Christmas Gift Voucher
Cashel Yoga and Ayurveda Retreat
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Yoga Classes Tipperary - Cashel Yoga
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Cashel Yoga Gift Vouchers

Cashel Yoga Gift Vouchers now available! 

Treat yourself or your loved ones to Yoga voucher. Available from €15 upwards. Can be used for drop-in classes, 6 week courses or private sessions.

Details of all class times on ClassTimes and Prices Page.

2 classes per week running until December 20th. 
All classes resuming January 16th. 

Namaste Ruth 089 420 8581

The Powerful Connection Between Your Brain and Your Gut

Please read article below which resonates on so many levels. Perhaps we are misdiagnosing ailments which are in fact coming from what we are eating. A clean digestive system is so important for a healthy body. You are what you eat and the cleansing and purifying of our internal organs is a must. In Yoga we put a lot of emphasis on elimination and incorporate poses to assist. Will make sure to continue including these poses in my classes.

The Powerful Connection Between Your Brain and Your Gut

Cashel Yoga Christmas Gift Voucher

Cashel Yoga Christmas Gift Voucher

Begin the New Year on a healthy note

 Treat yourself or a loved one to a Cashel Yoga Voucher this Christmas

     Use for group classes
      Have one to one individual sessions
      Participate in work-shops
       Valid for 6 months
       Available now from €15 upwards

To order contact Ruth……

T 089 420 8581

Cashel Yoga and Ayurveda Retreat

Need Time Out For You?

Come and be nurtured this week-end at any of the individual sessions now on offer with Cashel Yoga and Ayurveda Retreat.
All 4 hour sessions cost €65

Friday 5.00pm - 9.00pm - Individual welcome and consult on your personality type and how to maximise your session. Rejuvenate on your mats by totally relaxing with restorative Yoga poses followed by delicious light fresh food and relaxing drinks before retiring for the night.

Saturday 8.30am - 12.30pm - Teas or fresh fruit to begin with.

Yoga Classes, Co.Tipperary - Cashel Yoga

Cashel Yoga Classes October  2015
Youthful, vibrant, glowing skin & promoting healty thyroid function is this week's class theme.Stimulating blood circulation and oxygenating the blood using gentle inversions are great to cleanse and detoxify. Practice asans to promote elimanation of the unwanted. 
Encouraging rest and sleep is one of the best ways to get the glow. 
Learn how to incoporate these poses into your own practice or simply educate yourself on how you are self helping!